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DATE:2010-05-04 CLICKS:

Zhang Yunzhou

Zhang Yunzhou, president of SGERI, the vice-secretary of the Party’s group, professor-class senior engineer. Long-term engage on the field of power planning and management, participated in the authoring of the eighth five-year, ninth five-year and tenth five-year planning. He has in charge of completing the countrywide combined grid planning and rolling demonstration, in charge of carrying out the UHV grid planning and test and demonstration project pre-demonstrate, completed important countrywide combined grid project and transmission project planning and feasibility study. He used to be the vice-director of strategy planning department of SGCC, the vice-director of development planning department of SGCC. His main research projects including: organizing advanced the “countrywide combined grid planning report” (1998) (2000) (2002) (2004); organizing advanced “synchronization grid established and UHV grid demonstration report” (2005). Organized and completed a set of large generation transmission system planning and demonstration, including the transmission projects demonstration of Xige ferry, Xiangjia dam, and the transmission projects of Jinping water and electricity station etc.

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