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DATE:2010-05-04 CLICKS:

Li Ying

Li Ying,chief economist of SGERI,as the chief specialist of finance and price, institutional reform and power market, corporative strategy and planning and corporation operation and management. Commissioner of china electricity tariff association consultative committee. Senior engineer. Long-term engage in the work as power technology economy and power market reform research. At the aspect of electricity tariff, participated in drafting <project of electricity tariff reform> issued by the state council, <temporary plan of on-grid generation electricity tariff management >issued by the national development and reform commission and <temporary plan of pricing retail management>, the chief author of the <temporary plan of power transmission >, in charge of researching the <UHV tariff system and the issue about finance research>. Long-term engage in the work about the evaluation of economy of grid project and economic function of the power system, power market, power supply and demand lab, etc. <optimize compensative accommodation of the hydropower stations and optimize attempter of the multi-utilize of three Gorges project> won a  first-class “science and technology innovation award” of the power ministry. <Power grid and market research of east china region> won a second-class “science and technology innovation award” of the SGCC.

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