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Ran Ying

Ran Ying, the senior consultant of SGERI. She was the deputy director of the integrate planning department of energy ministry, director of the planning department of power ministry, chief engineer of the SGCC. Senior engineer (professor). She was graduated from the Qihua University. Long-term engage in the work as power planning and design. She took lots responsibilities in the work as writing the seventh to tenth five-years power planning, the studies about power project examination, arrest foreign capital for power, raising funds, power establishing funds, tariff of transportation of coal, power environment protection. Recently, she engaged in the work as the studies of “the eleventh five-year and 2020 overall build well-off power planning”, power industry policy writing, power corporation development planning consultation, important power project feasibility pre-analysis, power environment protection and energy-saving policy studies, and power energy-saving planning consultation.

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