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Annual Report of Energy and Electric Power Price

SOURCES:Energy Research Observation Net  DATE:2010-11-08 CLICKS:

Abstract: The 2007 annual report is compiled on the basis of the "Annual Analysis Report for Energy and Electricity Prices (2006)". In this report, focusing on the prices of 2006, the policies of electricity and energy prices are summed up, the levels and trends of the domestic and international electric power, coal, oil, natural gas and other energy prices from 2001 to 2007 are analyzed and compared, the trends of energy prices in 2008 are predicted preliminarily, and the proposals on prices are put forward. This report provides the more comprehensive energy price information for the SGCC and communities, and can be a reference for the SGCC to get more advantageous price policies.

Some main conclusions are drawn by comparing and analyzing the domestic and international energy prices as follows:

(1) In the year of 2006, the price of coal has fully realized the marketization, new pricing policy on natural gas prices has not been promulgated, the electricity and oil pricing policies have made positive progress in the aspects of reflecting market supply and demand, scarcity of resources and the extent of environmental cost.

(2) In 2006, energy prices show upward trends in China, including the overall modest growth of the electricity and coal prices, and the substantially increase of the oil and natural gas prices. In 2007, the rising tendencies are maintained, especially oil and natural gas prices.

(3) Comparing the domestic energy prices, the growth of electricity price is slower than any other energy prices.

(4) Comparing the prices of energy at home and abroad, end-user energy prices, in addition to the prices of coal, crude oil and LNG import , which are fully realized the marketization, are lower than the international level, particularly the household electricity prices.

(5) Although obvious effective continue to be attained in the reform of energy prices, some problems are still exist, For example,  the overall level of energy prices are low, the proportional relations between energy prices are unreasonable, and the reforms of price formation and controlling mechanism are delayed, especially the price of electricity.

(6) Look into the year of 2008, the prices of coal, oil and gas will be increasing dramatically, but affected by the macro regulation and control, the possibility to adjust the end-user energy prices, including electricity, oil and natural gas prices is very small in the first half of the year, while in the second half of the year, in addition to the possibility of overall adjustment to the electricity prices is small, there is much possibility to adjust the prices of oil products and natural gas.

Key words: energy resource; electricity; price; analyze
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