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The Annual Report of Energy-saving of the Electric Power Industry and the Social Power-saving

SOURCES:Energy Research Observation Net  DATE:2010-11-11 CLICKS:

Abstract: This paper, as one of the annual reports of SPERI’s fundamental research, is divided to two parts, energy-saving of the electric power industry and the social power-saving. The part of Energy-saving of electric power industry studied the development of China's power industry in 2007, energy consumption characteristics, changing of energy consumption indicators, energy-saving effects, the impacts of industry factors. And it analyzed energy consumption indicators, energy-saving effects. It carried out international comparisons of energy consumption indicators. And finally, according to energy-saving, it proposed policies to promote energy-saving. The part of society power-saving studied the national and regional GDP power consumption, the three industries the level of power consumption, energy consumption and power consumption, as well as energy-saving effect of society. It focused the analysis of ferrous metal industry, non-ferrous metal industry, building materials industry, chemical industry and construction of energy-saving effect. According to the status of society power-saving, the report proposed policies to promote society power-saving.

Key words: energy-saving in electric power industry; power-saving of society; annual report

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