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The difficulty of large-scale wind power development in consumption rather than integration

SOURCES:Energy Research Observation Net  DATE:2012-02-07 CLICKS:

Bai Jianhua explained to reporters there are many problems and potential risks in the current large-scale wind power development in China. He said that firstly, the problem should be unified planning, followed by the problem of peak regulation of power system, power system security, power quality and economy operation.

Therefore, wind power development should be integrated into the overall power system planning. The principles of overall planning of power system is security, to meet the system peak load, the minimum load, and the power balance by time; cleanliness, to meet the country's clean technology and low carbon development goals, and set reasonable scale of development of various types of clean energy; economy, to rationally plan other power sources and trans-provincial and regional power grid, and minimize the total cost of investment, operation and the external costs of power system. (compiled from Wind Energy Industry)

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