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The Pilot on the Direct Trading Pilot between Electricity-generating Companies and Consumers is Launched in Jiangsu Province

SOURCES:Energy Research Observation Net  DATE:2012-02-15 CLICKS:

SERC、NDRC and NEA launced the direct trading pilot between 8 electricity-generating companies and 8 power consumers in Jiangsu Province.

Shan Baoguo, director of department of economy and energy supply & demand research of SGERI, said that the direct trading pilot means that the electricity sale market is gradually liberalized, and the pilot might be promoted to more provinces and cities to sum ??up experience.

Shan Baoguo said that the failure of previous direct trading pilot was because that indirectly encouraged high energy consumption industries, unfavorable for structural adjustment. While the current pilot fully reflects that support emerging industries of strategic importance. (compiled from Shanghai Securities News)


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