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Zhang Yunzhou delivered a speech at the Energy Security Forum

SOURCES:Energy Research Observation Net  DATE:2012-03-02 CLICKS:

On February 28, “Chinese Think Tank Forum” was held in Beijing. Zhang Yunzhou, president of State Grid Energy Research Institute, attended the forum and made a speech entitled "The transformation mode of power development in the pattern of energy security”.

Zhang Yunzhou pointed out that the state of energy security should be “continued supply, sufficient quantity, reasonable price, clean quality”. Zhang Yunzhou stressed that electricity security is an important part of energy security. He pointed out that the four aspects of transformation mode of power development: firstly, to develop clean energy power generation, improve clean level of energy supply, meet the demand of continued growth in the total energy consumption; secondly, to optimize the distribution of coal power, build a comprehensive energy transportation system characterized by the combination of coal transportation and power transmission; thirdly, to insist the idea of "building the large bases, integrating into the bulk power system", promote the mode of "the centralized development and decentralized development combined"; fourthly, to accelerate the construction of strong and smart grid, improve the optimization configuration capability of power grid in the large-scale scope and the level of safety and stable operation.

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