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China will exceed the goal of clean energy generation during the Twelfth Five-year Planning period

SOURCES:Energy Research Observation Net  DATE:2011-12-31 CLICKS:

Li Qionghui, Director of Department of New Energy and Energy Statistics of State Grid Energy Research Institute,said,clean energy generation will continue the developing momentum during the Eleventh Five-Year Planning period. Because China's electricity demand will continue to maintain a rapid growth momentum,  the proportion of clean energy generation in the generation structure will probably not change significantly, but it will increase rapidly in the incrementof power generation.

Liqiong Hui stressed that there is a lack of coordination between the wind power planning and power grid construction ,andlack of relevant national mandatory standards, so the mechanism needs to straighten out. In addition, there are similar technical, cost and management problems in the field of solar power.

Liqiong Hui added that the industry has reached a consensus in the technical routes, which is to say that we should choose "the most appropriate, and not necessarily the most advanced." She hoped that related policies concering clean energy development should be coordinated, and suggested that the government should collect broad comments in formulating policies, and learn from international experience. (compiled from China Electric Power News)


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