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China’s 2012 National Power Consumption Up by 5.5%

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  According to the data released by the National Energy Administration (NEA), China’s national power consumption in 2012 was 4959.1TWh, up by 5.5% year-on-year. However the growing speed was down by 6.2%.

  The monthly power consumption expanded at a much slower pace due to a tempered economic growth in China in 2012. With the introduction of the policy of “steady growth”since October, the figure has been rebounding for consecutive months, showing a recovery in the economic sector.

  Data from the NEA showed that the primary industry consumed 101.3TWh of electricity; the secondary industry, 3666.9TWh; and the tertiary industry, 569TWh. The urban and rural household power consumption added up to 621.9TWh.

  In a breakdown, the industrial sector consumed 3606.1TWh of power, of which, the light and heavy industries accounted for 608.3TWh and 2997.8TWh respectively.

  The accumulative average utilization of equipment in generation factories of 6000kV and above was 4572 hours, 158 hours less than last year.

  The capacity of newly added generation equipment was 87GW, of which, hydropower was 19GW, coal-fired power was 51GW, and wind power was 15.37GW. By the end of last year, the country's total installed power generation capacity reached 1.144TW, of which, hydropower was 249GW, coal-fired power was 819GW, nuclear power was 12.57GW, and wind power was 62.37GW.

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